Peace Conferences

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation has hosted international conferences for peace, mutual respect and acceptance since 1992 beginning with the start of the conflict in former Yugoslavia.

November 26, 1992

Berne, Switzerland

Berne, Switzerland

At the start of the conflict in former Yugoslavia and Kosovo, ACF appealed to the..Read More

February 9, 1994

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Participants of the “Conference on Peace and Tolerance” in the Balkans, Caucauses, and Central Asia,..Read More

March 18, 1999

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

ACF organized the historic Kosovo Conference on Peace and Tolerance II which brought together for..Read More

January 1, 2000

New York, NY

ACF co-sponsored the Millennium World Peace Summit at the U.N. and organized a session on..Read More

January 1, 2001

Brussels, Belgium

ACF supported the “Interfaith Meeting Towards Peaceful Co-existence Among the Three Monotheistic Religions: Judaism, Christianity..Read More

January 1, 2002


ACF supported a conference on “The Role of Religion and Belief in a Democratic Society:..Read More

January 1, 2002

Bangkok, Thailand

ACF co-sponsored the “World Council of Religious Leaders Conference” in Bangkok, Thailand, to energize Asian..Read More

January 1, 2003

Orhid, Macedonia

ACF in cooperation with the late President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia and UNESCO, co-sponsored a..Read More

November 7, 2005

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

10th Anniversary of Peace and Tolerance Conference sponsored by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I brought together..Read More

November 14, 2005

Vienna, Austria

Rabbi Arthur Schneier was invited by Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik to a conference of..Read More