New York – World Summit Of Religious Leaders

The Appeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF) was invited by Patriarch Aleksy II, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia to the World Summit of Religious Leaders in Moscow on 4-5 July 2006. Rabbi Schneier, President of the ACF, will address the leaders of Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist communities, as well as representatives of the Hindu, Sikh and Shinto traditions.

One of the key components of the Summit will be the creation of ongoing dialogue among Islam and Russia, and the world’s other major religions. The Summit comes at a time when the world’s political leaders have begun to recognize the critical importance of inter-religious cooperation and reconciliation, a founding principle of the ACF, to peaceful coexistence in regions and nations vulnerable to extremism. The Summit will precede the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia and will generate recommendations to that group of world leaders regarding religious dialogue in regional and ethnic conflicts.