Appeal of Conscience Foundation History

In 1965 Rabbi Arthur Schneier created an innovative idea to establish a vibrant international coalition of interfaith business, religious and foreign policy leaders to uphold the principle “live and let live” and address issues pertaining to human rights, religious freedom, and mutual understanding in former Communist countries. Within the year, he engaged the early leadership of those who had a passion for world peace, civil and human rights: Honorable Francis E. Dorn, member of the 83rd United States Congress, Thurston Davis, SJ, Editor of America House; Dr. David H.C. Read, Minister of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church and Dr. Harold Bosley, Senior Minister of Christ Methodist Church.

Over the next half a century, the Foundation’s efforts expanded throughout the globe. Today in a world rampant with bias, hatred and division, the work of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation is more vital than ever as the leadership is bound by a shared destiny to heal our wounded world.

Discover these moments in ACF history.

January 14, 1965

NY Times Article: Founding Appeal of Conscience Foundation

NY Times Article: Founding Appeal of Conscience Foundation

Founded by Rabbi Arthur Schneier in 1965, the Appeal of Conscience Foundation is an interfaith partnership of corporate and..Read More

January 14, 1965
January 17, 1965
January 1, 1966

1st ACF Interfaith Group to Leningrad and Moscow. Jewish community at Moscow Choral Synagogue

10,000 prayer books and religious calendars for the Jewish Community requested and paid for by..Read More

January 2, 1966
March 1, 1966
December 1, 1966

32 Protests across America and 18 in other countries held for the “plight of Soviet Jewry”

Rabbi Arthur Scheier spoke at the protest in Milwaukee in addition to Senator Nelson and..Read More

December 9, 1967

Appeal of Conscience Delegation to Spain

“December 9-14, 1967” ACF interfaith delegation meets with officials in Spain regarding the challenges of..Read More

February 1, 1969
February 2, 1969