Austrian Chancellor Unites with Vienna-born Holocaust Survivor Rabbi Arthur Schneier

New York, NY – July 12, 2021

Sebastian Kurz, the young, dynamic Chancellor of Austria, an important leader of the European Union, has taken a leading role in combatting the virus of global anti-Semitism and has been a supporter of peace and security for the State of Israel,” said Rabbi Arthur Schneier, Vienna-born Holocaust survivor, Senior Rabbi of Park East Synagogue and President of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. 

As a Holocaust survivor who had to flee my birthplace, Vienna, after witnessing the burning of my synagogue on Kristallnacht, it is heartening to see Chancellor Kurz, who represents the next generation, and has zero-tolerance for anti-Semitism and any form of bigotry while fostering mutual respect among all God’s children. Chancellor Kurz’s generation was spared the horrors of the Holocaust and WWII. He is helping to remember the past for the sake of a better future. His presence at Park East Synagogue, the first for a Chancellor of Austria, is indicative of his commitment to protect all Houses of Worship.

Chancellor Kurz embodies the values of religious freedom, human rights and peaceful coexistence, the core principles of the interfaith Appeal of Conscience Foundation.”